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Star Ruler

Год выпуска: 2010
Жанр: Strategy (Real-time / Grand strategy) / 3D
Разработчик: Blind Mind Studios
Издательство: Blind Mind Studios
Сайт разработчика: http://www.blind-mind.com/
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Платформа: PC
Системные требования:
Windows 7 / Vista / XP
2 GHz Pentium 4 Processor or Equivalent
512 MB Available System Memory
256 MB 3D Video Card with OpenGL 2.1 Support
1024x768 Minimum Screen Resolution
500 MB Available Hard Disk Space
Описание: Целая галактика на кончиках ваших пальцев! Новая космическая стратегия со случайно-генерируемыми галактиками, обширными возможностями, зрелищными баталиями и уникальной системой развития.

1) запускаем Star.Ruler.v1.0.0.6.full-THETA.exe
2) выбираем директорию и нажимаем install
3) устанавливаем патчи находящиеся на сайте http://starruler.blind-mind.com/patches.php начиная с версии включительно (Рекомендуется)

[Fixed] getSelectedObject(uint) was returning an invalid reference, causing a crash.
[Fixed] Clicking Blueprints with the window open now closes the window.
[Fixed] Ships created by other empires no longer flash into existence for one tick.
[Fixed] Opening multiplayer, closing the window, then trying to start a game should no longer crash.
[Fixed] Cancelling while loading a multiplayer game (or having the connection refused) should no longer crash.
[Fixed] Undocking objects no longer bugs their positions in incomprehensible ways.
[Fixed] Contacting the master server should be somewhat more reliable.
[Fixed] Starting the game paused no longer results in planets appearing inside their stars.
[Fixed] System Names were not loading properly for mods.
[Fixed] Ship explosion sounds were playing in the distance, resulting in the sound system getting overloaded as the game progressed.
[Fixed] Pinned objects now save and load.
[Fixed] Fixed a crash on close related to loading a save with ships that have no guns.
[Fixed] Planetary economies ran at different speeds at different tick rates.
[Fixed] Planet window now correctly displays available workers like the tooltip states.
[Fixed] The governor now also keeps track of workers needed for currently disabled buildings when deciding whether to build cities.
[Fixed] Immobile objects were improperly banned from docking. Now, only planets are banned from docking.
[Fixed] Designs made by the AI scripts (including default designs) were unable to use sub system modifiers.
[Fixed] Multiplayer was working only at the whim of your system memory's default state. Oops.
[Fixed] AIs should no longer build ships they don't understand.
[Fixed] Empire stats in multiplayer are now received correctly.
[Changed] You can now select objects much further away.
[Changed] You can now see objects much further away.
[Changed] Locales now override entries in English.txt, to prevent incomplete translations from having lots of #TT_Something throughout the game.
[Changed] Bussard Ramscoops now level with Particle Physics (giving that technology a purpose)
[Changed] Bussard Ramjets now require both Particle Physics and Engines to level up
[Changed] Changed visibility rules in the galaxy: Objects maintain the visibility they had to the player after leaving a system.
[Changed] Planet Capitols now only cost labor, so they can be built on any colony with people, regardless of resource income rates.
[Changed] Changed AI build priorities to help avoid them getting stuck not expanding.
[Changed] Changed the brown empire color to something more visible.
[Added] The bottom-right box now shows quantities for each type of object selected, as well as names of each planet selected. You may also interact with individual sub-groups with the mouse and key modifiers (ctrl and shift)
[Added] Added a scroll to select the scale for new sub systems, to allow rapidly adding many of a specific size.
[Added] More resolutions are available in the resolutions option list.
[Added] Added planet queue Save/Load/Clear functionality and accompanying buttons.
[Added] Added an empire message whenever research is completed.
[Added] Control clicking on a ship design to build in the planet window will pop up a dialog to specify the exact amount of ships you want to build.
[Added] The import button on the blueprint window now pops up a dialog with a list of saved blueprints to import.
[Added] Added planet event callbacks. See http://forums.blind-mind.com/index.php? ... 64#msg4864
[Added] Added French localization, thanks to the community.
[Added] The scale of a ship is now displayed after its name on the mouse overlay text.
[Added] Updated to the newest version of RakNet (networking library).
[Added] Added a Station Hull: Strong with lots of internal space. Unable to equip engines. Expensive for small designs, cheap for large.
[Added] Added the ability to pick from various planet governors.
[Added] Added 11 new planet textures; 8 desert-like, 3 earth-like.
[Added] The empire bank resource counts are now displayed in the top right of the screen. They are colored red or green depending on whether your reserves of that resource are growing or shrinking.
[Added] Stars trigger a timed effect on objects in their system upon dying. The effect name is "star_damage", lasting 10 seconds, and passing no variables. The effect is delayed 1 second per 50 units from the star when the star exploded.
[Added] Added localization support for the Right Click Menu
[Added] You may change governor settings from the Right Click Menu now.
[Added] Added a Disband Fleet command to the Right Click Menu.
[Added] Added the Galactic Capitol, a structure that cannot be built. In the default map, you will start with one on your homeworld. Acts as a Planet Capitol, but produces resources 10x faster.
[Added] The direct connect inputs now reflect the ip/port of the selected server in the server list.
[Added] Added a language option to the options menu.
[Added] Empire Settings can be changed in multiplayer (e.g. New Colonies use Governor, Civil Acts).


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