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Дата выхода: 2014
Обновление от: 27.11.2015
Версия: 37
Жанр: MMORPG / MOBA / Action
Разработчик: Bigpoint
Издатель: Bigpoint
Тип: Лицензия
Язык: Pусский
Таблетка: Не требуется

Cистемные требования:
Операционная система: Windows 7 / 8
Процессор: двухъядерный 3 GHz
Видеокарта: Nvidia GeForce GT 650
Свободное место на HDD: 3 Гб
Оперативная память: 6 Гб
Звуковая карта: DirectX совместимая звуковая карта

Shards of War – это совершенно новый подход к традиционному геймплею игр MOBA. Классическая стратегия MOBA была объединена со скоростью и управлением с помощью раскладки WASD, которые характерны для «игр с видом сверху», Так удалось создать совершенно уникальный геймплей, соединияющий тактическую глубину с ураганным увлекательным экшеном.
В игре Shards of War две команды из пяти игроков сражаются друг против друга в 20-минутных матчах (боях), пытаясь одержать верх над командой соперника и уничтожить её штаб-квартиры. С самого начала игрокам будут предлагаться десять уникальных стражей: Флэтлайн, Булварк, Валькирия, Вулкан, Райно, Блиц, Страйкер, Джемини, Кобра и Ворхэд. Каждый страж является специалистом в своей области: атака, поддержка или танк.

1. Традиционный для MOBA PvP-геймплей 5v5
2. Игра в жанре научной фантастики, уникальное место действия
3. Интуитивное управление как в шутерах с видом сверху (WASD)
4. 10 уникальных персонажей, каждый из которых обладает набором мощных навыков
5. Наполненные экшеном, интенсивные 20-минутные бои
6. Апгрейды и обработка предметов
7. Система комплектации (возможность выбирать различные предметы перед боем)

Ranked Games
From the ashes of the Leaderboards, rises Ranked Games!
Ranked Games have all the features you've come to expect from a competitive multiplayer experience, including:
Placement matches
Multiple leagues to master
Sentinel draft
Single and duo queues (the latter uses the highest player's MMR for matchmaking)
No prizes (wait, is that a feature?)
We've learned a lot from the Leaderboards...both versions, so we hope you enjoy Ranked Games. There's still more to come, based on your feedback!
Check out BP_Viper's blog for more details.
Draft Mode
Along with Ranked Games we're introducing a new Draft Mode.
In Draft Mode, teams alternately select Sentinels in a 1:2:2:2:2:1 pick format.
Selecting a Sentinel will make him/her/it unavailable to the enemy team.
Players can swap Sentinels strategically after the pick phase.
Counter the enemy team's lineup, and prepare yourself for battle!
Ranked Punishment
Punishment in Ranked Games centers around the new "safe leave" feature.
When a player is tracked as going AFK or leaving a Ranked match, their allies can leave the game with no penalty.
If their team goes on to lose, the leaver/afker will absorb some of the League Points that would otherwise be lost by their allies.
Queue dodging Ranked Games will result in players being locked out of matchmaking for a short time. Each time players dodge within a 16 hour period, this duration will increase.
Custom Games Screen Update
The custom games screen has received a holo-theme rework.
You can now select draft mode for custom games, and invite up to 32 observers.


Log In Service
Performance Improvement 3/3

Fixed Bugs​

10th kill without dying as Mechsuit does not grand "Serial Killer" badge
Lifeshift does not work through energy barriers or around corners
Lifeshift orbs may show a wrong message
Players may gain personal XP for enemy drone kills if standing close by
Artillery drones lift fog of war regardless of line of sight
Bulwark's shield may reduces number of max HP
Some skill effects do not properly display if they go through walls or not
Ryudo E level custom item "Fake Out" does not work when oneshotting enemies
Arrow indicator of Hacker's custom item "Turbo Gate" behave inconsistently
Visual effects of Apex' auto attack may appear broken
"Flying" sound effects of Patches and Breach keep playing while the Sentinel is dead
Left-ctrl skill descriptions menu may show duplicate descriptions
Passive tooltips appear on top of active ones, instead of vice versa
Reworked Nemesis skill descriptions
Reworked Zel skill descriptions
Reworked Calibre skill descriptions
Reworked tooltip for item "Cybereaper"
Reworked tooltip for custom item "Cluster Bombs"
Fog of war updates sometimes may lag
Enemy XP bar is shown bigger when XP is even
HQ attacks slow debuff is missing the visual effects
HQ slow debuff icon is missing the tooltip
It is possible to pick another item while the item selecton popup is closing
When using two screens the metagame is centered inbetween
Battle button may not visible after match finishes
Clicking the "Back" button in the alliance browser takes you to the first page, instead of the previous
No error message when trying to create an Alliance without name and tag
Whispering a player while in a chat with another player does not switch the window
Item selection window stays open if squad leader leaves queue
Loadouts tutorial highlighting may get stuck
Internal error when naming a loadout "$"
Menu music cuts out while loading into the game
Some audio effects' volume not adjustable
Friendlist may show a blank space between sections
Homescreen slider is missing a pause functionality
Localisation Fixes / Updates


Removed Bundles "Ghost n Ghoul" and "Shocking Dead"
Reduced Ryudo's price to 1450 gold / 7000 Credits
Reduced Vector's credit price to 10000
Added Arsenal to the shop. Arsenal's price is now 2000 gold / 12000 Credits

Gameplay Changes​

Increased damage against Sentinels from 180 to 420
Damage against Sentinels no longer scales over match time (was 3% per minute)
Sentinels will no longer take additional damage when hit multiple times in a row (was 25% per attack; up to 250%)
Removed missile attacks
Increased damage against Sentinels from 180 to 420
Damage against Sentinels no longer scales over match time (was 3% per minute)
Sentinels will no longer take additional damage when hit multiple times in a row (was 25% per attack; up to 250%)
Inner Tower/Relay
Tower and Relay have 8000 health each
Regenerate 0.75% health per second while out of combat
Empowered Drones
Decreased health from 2000 to 1600
Increased health scaling from 5% to 6.5%
Increased range from 8 to 15
Increased splash radius from 1 to 2
1. Монтируем или распаковываем образ диска.
2. Запускаем файл Launcher.exe, после чего в открывшемся окне браузера регистрируем.
3. Ждем пока обновится и проверится игра (если потребуется).
4. Жмем "Играть".

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